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What is SafeUse?

SafeUse is an online database for your chemicals. Safety Data Sheets  (SDS) and other documents are easily available for use, maintenance and verification. An electronic chemical database makes it possible to keep the HSE documentation updated in a much simpler way than a paper file.


SafeUse is made of several modules, each of which addresses specific tasks tspecific users. This gives SafeUse great flexibility in adapting to the organization, clients and working methods.    SafeUse is continuously adapted to meet our customers' varying needs. SafeUse is translated into several languages, has a powerful search engine  and multi document support. You get an easy overview of the dangers of the various chemicals without having to open the data sheets. SafeUse also has a module for risk assessment.
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SafeUse is web based

SafeUse chemical database is always available, and required HSE documentation is available with a click. Simple enough for normal users, at the same time it contains all the essential features super-users need for the maintenance of chemical database.